New Vending Machines for Sale

2-Year Warranty – Financing AvailableGuaranteed vend delivery system. Seamless payment system integration – touchless payment available.


USI Vending MachinesElegant Vending Machines that include: Height adjustable shelves & customizable trays. Dual coils for better flexibility. Steel trays for solidity & strength & interlock door construction for added security. 2-year warranty. Available in Snack, Pop, Food, Coffee.
Break Time Combo Vending Machine - Red Seal Vending

ENVISION line of glass front vending machines are the most flexible solutions on the market for any location. ENVISION is an ultimate self-service automatic retail machine, able to vend any pre-packaged product and accept payments in any world currency or cashless system. Rich with features, the Envision range by Seaga is today’s vending technology at its best.1-year warranty, touchless payment available. 1-year warranty.

ENF5C Combo Vending Machine: IN STOCK Holds pop & Snack in 1 machine. 5 wide, 5 trays. 10 selections = 165 candy. 10 selections =110 chips/pastry. 16 selections pop = 96 pop. 39” w x 37” d x 72” H, 720 lbs.

Quick Break Combo Vending Machine: Holds pop & Snack in 1 machine. 3 snack trays with 21 different snacks = 217 total. 8 different beverages = 119 total (8 & 12 oz soda, up to 20 oz bottles.

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